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Defining Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials v1.2 (WLE)

This 5-hour e-learning course is useful for anyone new to Cisco wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) technology. It explains wireless terms, deployment architectures, portfolio components, and key features.

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Defining Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials is on online eLearning course and is the entry level course into Cisco Wireless LAN technology.  This course lays the groundwork for leaning about Cisco Wireless LAN technology.  It briefly reviews base networking concepts and the explains wireless terms, concepts, deployment architectures, portfolio components, key features, and other considerations unique to wireless networks.


Supported on Windows and Mac computing environments with a browser.


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What You Will Learn in the Defining Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials:

This training defines Wi-Fi and discusses IEEE standards and protocols. It presents the Cisco wireless LAN network architectures deployed to meet different business needs, such as autonomous, unified, FlexConnect, and converged access. You will learn about the various models of and options for access points, wireless LAN controllers, management system, policy integration, and mobility services engine, distinguishing the benefits and limitations of each in the context of real-world solutions.

The course discusses wireless security, a topic that often concerns Enterprises and Service Providers and covers the various types of authentication and encryption employed in Cisco wireless LANs. You will be prepared with information about the kinds of tools often used to plan, implement, and monitor a Cisco wireless LAN.

Course Content:

  • Deinition of WiFi
  • IEEE standards and protocols
  • Cisco wireless LAN network architectures and the business needs they meet
    • Autonomous
    • Unified
    • FlexConnect
    • Converged Access
  • Cisco wireless product models and options available as well as distinguishing the benefits of each in the context of real-world solutions
    • Access Points
    • Wireless LAN Controllers
    • Management System
    • Policy Integration
    • Mobility Services Engine
    • Wireless Security
  • Tools often used to plan, implement and monitor a Cisco Wireless LAN